Unfinished Study. Pencil on paper # 10

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Unfinished Study- Pencil on Paper # 10

16" x 24"

Although I spend my entire life writing poetry, drawing, painting etc. I never saw myself as an artist.  Doesn't everyone pass the time creating?

Showing my jewelry on cruise ships for five years, traveling intensively, I discovered the world and at the same time, discovered myself. The driving hunger to create finally made me notice that I am an artist.  

The good news: All my life people have been telling me I'm weird.  
Now I know why, and that it's a good thing.
Thank heavens for artists and weirdos.

While posting art and gifts I collected worldwide, I remembered some of my own art in the back of a closet.  It never occurred to me to show it to anyone.  Well, since this is my site- I don't need to ask- so here it is.  First time in public and now available to the world.