Hearts-Lucky Break Earrings-Sterling and diamonds with 18K or rhodium plate

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Diamonds fall from the broken heart. On the back, the words "Lucky Break" as a reminder that if the heart didn't break open, the diamonds would not have been found. It's about having faith that things will work out, and having the foresight to look for opportunity in crisis.  Sometimes NOT getting what we want IS our LUCKY BREAK.

All gifts are meaningful because they are gifts (sometimes to ourselves). But a gift which symbolizes your messages of joy, which act as talismans, are sure to be cherished. They are more than objects. They are conversations, success, leadership - - they are life!

Available in any carat gold, or sterling silver with or without plate, to fit any taste and budget.  3/4" wide by 6/8" high (About the size of a dime)