Bowl of Diamonds necklace-small-18K gold

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Bowl of Overflowing Diamonds.  "My cup runneth over"  is a beautiful reminder to live with gratitude and love every day.  For the good of ourselves, so we can be ourselves as we see ourselves, and because it also resonates out to the world in ways we can only imagine, then resonated back through ourselves.

What ever you call it; mindfulness, intention, awareness, being grateful for our blessings enables us to appreciate them so much more.

Having said that, as an artist I love when people reinterpret my work.  This was the case when a woman contacted me to say that she had made a resolution when she turned 50 to give and give and give for the rest of her life.  She wanted to give love, caring, time, knowledge everything that she is, so that she could die an empty vessel.  She saw the bowl with diamonds spilling out as representative of her new life mission.  The funny part is that the more we give, the more we have.  Give yourself away to find yourself.   

AKA "Palm Beach" as a silly side note on this piece.  The first time I was in Palm Beach, I noticed a surprising number of diamonds over 10 carats.  Not just engagement rings and studs, but tennis bracelets and necklaces.  It occurred to me that all the people had bowls of overflowing diamonds in their homes, and that when the diamonds fell to the floor, they were too troublesome to retrieve and were kicked under tables and carpets instead.  

The image of this jewelry came to mind.  All I had to do was bring it into reality.  

Small bowls available as necklace, earrings, interchangeable pendant, cuff-links, lapel pin, and bracelet strung on pearls or gemstones.

The small and large bowls here are shown in relation to each other. The smaller is the size of a dime, the larger the size of a quarter.

This version, the small bowl of diamonds, has approximately 25 pts G-VS diamonds. 

18K small bowl of overflowing diamonds
14K small bowl of overflowing diamonds
Sterling silver bowl with solid 18K gold dots of diamonds

Sterling silver small bowl of overflowing diamonds

Anything can be customized for you in any gold karat or color (or color combination), sterling silver with plate options, platinum, and any type of gemstone to perfectly fit your taste and budget.  

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