Dot & Line Necklace: Sterling Silver and Diamonds

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 This necklace was inspired by a book I read as a child called "The Dot and the Line- A Romance in Higher Mathematics."  about a line who falls in love with a dot, who is in love with a squiggle.   It is the story of how the line becomes the best he can be and wins the dot's love.  That is how I remembered it.  

When I bought the book recently to read to my 6 year old niece I was surprised to realize it is all mathematical puns- hilarions for adults as well as children.  As I was reading it, I was also surprised that my mother went to school with the author, Norton Juster.  Get the book if you can.  The charming video is also available on YouTube;

 To be happy, it is essential to be the best we can be, true to ourselves.  With that self understanding we let go of worrying about what others think of us. We set ourselves free.

This version is sterling silver, covered with approximately 10 pts G-VS diamonds

Available in white or yellow gold, platinum, sterling and plate options.  With or without diamonds. 

Earrings also available, as well as variations in carat of gold, silver, number of diamonds, etc.



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