Pyramid Tears Earrings-Sterling with plate options

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 Teardrop shaped with pyramid squares and an abundance of diamonds floating in the bottom.
Approx 40 pts G-VS diamonds.
The overflowing dots of diamonds running through my work represents abundance.  My observation is that we all know that only through gratitude do we fully enjoy our many blessings.  At the same time we are so busy trying to get through our days, trying toachieve, work, survive, that sometimes we are too busy looking ahead to look around, and we forget to be thankful.  This is a reminder, designed to be worn for beauty, and to support us in what we know, and inspiring those in our lives.  Lead on!
Sterling with rhodium or 18K gold plate $1,650
You can also match the overflow with anything from The Caviar Collections, which is my signature look of abundance.