Peace To The World- cuff bracelet

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"Peace to the World" cuff bracelet

The peace symbol faces out to the world. The Fleur de Lis (on the front) dates back to ancient Egypt, and has always been associated with power, enlightenment and good luck. Louis the X (or X! -no one is sure) was about to lost France in a battle, and put the already ancient symbol on his shield for luck and power. Out armed and out manned, he won the battle anyway and saved France.

Facing the wearer are the words "Love & Gratitude" - a sure recipe for happiness.

Sterling silver with multiple finishes and approx 35 pts G-VS diamonds.
Solid 18K gold Peace symbol, fleur de lis, and "Love and Gratitude"

The measurements here might look odd.  The bracelet is adjustable and 2" deep.  But it's hard to put a measurement for the length of a cuff.  

Whenever you give a gift, you touch someone's heart.  If the gift also shares, supports and brings to mind shared values and messages, then something like this inspirational jewelry is more likely to become a treasured talisman, reminder of both core values, and the giver - even if the giver and receiver are one and the same.

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