Large Crystal Links for Beads or Pearls: 4 Available.

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If you like a bit of bling, these will get you there.  Four (4) double crystal links - not clasps - links.  At the time of posting this, I only have four, so take all of them and create a long, funky-chic piece which you can dress up or down.  Anything goes.  

My suggestion would be to use large pearls or beads right by the links- about 4mm to 7mm will fit best.  Depending on your taste you can go with something more chunky or more delicate in between.   

These are silver color, but from the weight of them they can't be sterling.  If you love a blingy,chunky look but need very lightweight, then you might mix these with plastic pearls which are far lighter than cultured pearls.   Otherwise just have fun with Freshwater.  

Approximately 1.5" with the two together, about .75" wide, and .25 thick.

Honestly I don't know how to price these so I chose $18 because that it a good luck number, and I priced them at $12 each just because I like that number.  If you like these, feel free to make an offer of whatever you feel is right.  I just want to find someone who wants to use these in their art.