Petal Pearl Necklace- mixed peaches and white with emerald beads

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Petal shaped pearls look like a beautiful, natural garland of flowers on your neck.  The shapes are incredible, and give a look of understated elegance.  These are various shades of whites and peach with emerald beads.  

If you want any customization, just let me know. These have an extender chain - let me know what length you like, or if you want me to create another one in different colored pearls and gemstones.   It's my joy to make things perfect for your taste and budget.  

Also available are coordinating earrings.  At first, all I wanted was to have earrings to go with the pearls which were in total harmony without being too much of an exact match. We took a mold of the pearls and dropped them in clusters and singles in carious designs.  In others we cast them in silver and gold, soldered them into the flower shape, and added the center diamonds. 

Naturally, these shapes which come from life and from the sea seem to resonate with everyone, but it surprised me how much. I think it's because these pearl shapes come from the sea, and so do we.  Now the metal petals have become a staple in my collection. Timeless, elegant and fresh.

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