Green Aventurine Pendant, Peach Vintage Glass and Greens and Peach Jasper Bead necklace

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First things first, I am not 100% sure of the stones in this necklace. I am fairly sure that the pendant is aventurine and that the beads are jasper.  For sure the peach highlights are vintage glass beads, and for sure it's all set in sterling silver. 

The pendant is clearly handmade but I am not even sure where it came from. When I was showing my jewelry on cruise ships and teaching pearl knotting/ jewelry making classes, I was always picking up materials for students to use in the classes during sea days.  Constantly traveling, this, and a few other similar pendants could have come from anywhere in the world. 

When I read that coral was color of the year I got out all my coral, along with anything in peach and orange colors and got to work turning raw materials into jewelry.  Thinking that some people might want the trendy peach colors, but not necessarily something quite so bright, I created this mostly green necklace with a green pendant, two peach vintage glass beads, and the beads with a variety of shades of green and peach.  

Pantone announced coral as 2019 color of the year.  Shop windows are filled with coral colored clothing, so of course I had to make coral jewelry for you to beautifully compliment this year's stunning color. The peach colors cheer up darker fall and winter clothing, giving pop to black, shades of browns, blues, cream, etc and radiate with lighter spring and summer clothing.

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