Ruffle Pearl Enhancer: Diamond in 18K Solid Gold Dot Set in Sterling Silver. Fits on Beads & Cords, too

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"If I know one thing, it's that I know nothing" (Socrates)

If we keep our heart and mind open, truth and light can enter. It's so important to constantly test our assumptions. If we think we are in a bad situation, look for the opportunity. Maybe the thing we are losing is just clearing the way for something better. And if we think we don't like someone, go back and look for the magic in them. We are all one. When we look for the best, we put ourselves in a better world, and we improve the world around us, too.

The RUFFLE Collection is a reminder that nothing is what it seems. It looks light and delicate, but is very solid, creating a disconnect between what appears, and what is - - like life!

This pendant can be attached to a chain, or made as a clip that works on pearls, beads and cords. Sterling silver, solid 18K gold center dot with a diamond. Approx 2.5 pts G-VS diamonds..

Let me know if you want this as a clip/ enhancer or set on chain. Upgrade to gold chain, priced upon request.

Keep heart and mind open so truth and light can enter.  Don't forget to check out the rest of the Ruffles- Life is Illusion Collection.