Vintage Buttons, Western Style Cowboy / Navajo - Turquoise and Sterling Silver

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Very cool vintage buttons, turquoise on sterling silver. Set of 8 buttons. Great addition to your authentic western look!

Researching these I am pretty sure this is Native American, Navajo, very scarce, and known as an Old Pawn button. 

While I don't know for sure, I think my mother, Tammy, bought these out west in the 1970's. It would make sense because I remember her taking a trip out west where she bought some other things, including a fabulous Navajo turquoise and silver squash blossom necklace.  Tammy was an anthropologist on one of her iterations and loved authentic artifacts. This was from her collection. 

To make this a bit more mysterious, the buttons are in an old box marked: St. Louis Mission Center. Baguio City. I googled that, and all I could find was one in the Philippines.  

Another mystery, on the box, in my mother's writing, are the words: "Tamara. Silver School."  While I don't remember her ever going to silver school, she loved school. Tammy was an architect, anthropologist, lawyer, and a talented artist.

In addition to these, I have some snap-on turquoise and silver button covers.  They don't seem to be the authentic Navajo, but are definitely very cool and fun!

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