Out of the Mouths of Babes: Mia Saves the World, and the Origin of Thinking Wand

Out of the Mouths of Babes: Mia Saves the World, and the Origin of Thinking Wand

Posted by Mia Gordon and Jane A Gordon on 23rd Mar 2019

Mia, my six year old niece came to visit today.
She has a plan to save the world:
First, assemble friends...

Next- get comfortable with friends....

Very comfortable while Grand ma sleeps.

"Aunt Jane” Mia whispered, “Best day ever"
Swear - - that's what Mia said.

All the friends played and relaxed together. 

As the friends relaxed, Mia assembles all the magic wands, and creates "The Wand Museum" 

The duck and unicorn fell in love.

Silly cow tried to steal the affections of the unicorn.

Until the cow and the duck fell in love. 

They could not take their eyes off each other. It was cow and duck forever after that! 

As Mia worked creating the museum, and the friends played, the Panda and Puppy started bickering.

“Mia” Jane asked, “How are we going to calm things down between these two?”

Mia tried to reason with the Panda and the Puppy but the quarrel continued.

Holding one of the wands as she tried to think of a solution, Mia absentmindedly tapped her head as she concentrated on how to bring the animals back to peace and harmony.Tap tap tap went the wand on Mia’s head.Tap tap tap…..

Suddenly, Mia jumped to attention, as if a light bulb went on, Mia’s eyes lit up, and she got the idea and solution.

“I’ve got it!” Mia said.

Then, as if a whole room of light bulbs got lit, in utter astonishment, Mia looked at the wand that she had been tapping on her head.

“Jane” she exclaimed, “This is a THINKING WAND!!!”

The very concept of a wand that makes us think, and then makes us think more, is captivating. How wonderful would it be to have a Thinking Wand to stimulate thoughts and ideas in ourselves, and in everyone?


……..but back to the story.

Inspired in the Wand Museum, the Thinking Wand had helped Mia to create a solution for bringing peace back to everyone.

Now Mia was ready to announce her plan to the world.

Now here is the plan....

Ready to announce....

Ahem - - is the wand-o-phone working?

Testing. Testing....

Here’s the plan - -

We save the world by turning bad guys into friends - -

- -  maybe with the help of the wand museum - - maybe just with kindness - - -

Let’s get to work - -

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