"That Last Thing You Said"

"That Last Thing You Said"

Posted by Jane A. Gordon on 30th May 2021

What if the last time you spoke, was the last time you spoke?

Like a pebble dropped onto a pond, everything we say and do ripples out into the world, and into the hearts, minds, souls and imagination of others. 

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Whether it's what is put into the world, what you put into relationships or even casual interactions, if your last words and actions were your last words and actions, would you be satisfied? 

Remembering this has been a useful foundation of my life. It keeps me trying to make things right even in conflict. And although I fail, as we all sometimes do, I try try try to put only the best of myself into the world.

Routine is convenient. Control is illusion. Uncertainty is uncomfortable and so feels unsafe. The pandemic, protests, and politics are reminding us of life's fragility. 

Let's take this as opportunity to cherish moments and make life more beautiful.

Karma Ripple Collection: Jane Gordon Jewelry

The hardest person to see is the one in the mirror. Keep looking so you can be yourself as you want to see yourself.

Are we really creating the legacy we want?

Let's take responsibility for our words and actions. If we are angry, we might search for our part in what happened.  Or maybe there isn't an event, but we owe someone that call, thanks, explanation, or other kindness. 

Tell your loved ones that you love them. Pick up the phone. Call the ones you hurt, intentionally or unintentionally. Call the ones who hurt you, they might not even know they did.

Call, unless you will be satisfied that the last words you spoke will be the last words you spoke.