What's Stopping You?  A Puzzling Problem

What's Stopping You? A Puzzling Problem

Posted by Jane A. Gordon on 30th May 2021

What’s Stopping you?
           This is not a rhetorical question.

What is stopping you from…

  • doing what you want to do
  • being who you want to be
  • saying what you want to say
  • going where you want to go
  • daring to imagine and
    • helping
    • trying
    • building
    • living and loving with all your heart, soul, and being…

"There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done. 
One is called Yesterday and the other is called Tomorrow.
Today is the right day to love, believe, do, and mostly, live.
  -Dali Lama XIV

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At first this was on my mind because of projects that stall.

To explain, in addition to my jewelry line I do custom work and private label, creating for others to sell in their name. These are people who take the first steps, which is more than most.  They tell me of dreams and visions, sentimental jewelry they want to re-work, designs they want to make, logos they want to turn into jewelry, and jewelry lines they want to start.

Sometimes after hiring me and we’re moving forward bringing their ideas to life, some just…. inexplicably…. stall… just stall in the middle of fulfilling their vision. Sudden inaction.

We all get stalled. I’ve been doing it with this very article… started... then stalling in writing and posting.

"There are many ways of going forward, but only one way of standing still."
- Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Inertia is a choice. How is that working out for you?  For me – not so great!

Dissatisfied? Use that: Jump!

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We can figure out the puzzle. There is even a word for this!

Obstacology {ob-sta-kol-ogy} 
The science of studying and overcoming obstacles

It seems the key to success is simply to do something!

  • All of my life people have been telling me what I can’t do, usually right before I do it. Does negative feedback cause inaction?
  • Some who talk talk talk about their ideas never try to move into reality. Is the ego boost enough? Does positive feedback cause inaction?
  • Is fear holding us back? Fear is worse than anything we experience. Jumping in replaces fear with reality. Welcome to your new-found courage!

What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”
Vincent Van Gogh

After that first step, just keep taking one after another. Experience, improve, enjoy, and if you are not enjoying, pivot. Embrace the falls and being wrong because this means we are learning. Remember life is the journey!

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Sometimes things just don't make sense, and opposites can both be true:

"Look before you leap"
"He who hesitates is lost"
"You can't cross a chasm in two small steps"

I’ve always been a ‘leap first’ girl.

“Take time to deliberate; but when the time for action arrives,
stop thinking and go in”
- Andrew Jackson

Now, let's get past what's stopping us and let's take the leap!

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