Witch Hunt?  Ohhh He Meant: Which Hunt?

Witch Hunt? Ohhh He Meant: Which Hunt?

Posted by Jane A. Gordon on 11th Jul 2020

Silly us, we just misunderstood Trump's poor spelling.  Not "Witch hunt" - he only wanted to know "Which hunt?"  

Kidding aside, publishing this on my jewelry site is against better business judgment, but in harmony with my values and need to speak about the incomprehensibly distressing divide in our country.  Also, in my Election Day FU Trump picture, everyone loved the ring, so - - here we go. 

My estimates are that about 40% see what I see. 40% like him. 20% seem uncertain.  Really?  Uncertain?  But yeah, it seems so. It is a constant struggle to understand without judgment some family and long time friends. This is why:

Below is what I see.

  • Abuse of Congress
  • Abuse of legal system
  • Abuse of power
  • Abuses of the White House security clearance process
  • Attacks disabled people
  • Attacks grieving parents, Gold Star Families who lost children serving in the military
  • Attacks minorities
  • Attacks women
  • Alienating long time allies
  • Business and political dealings of top fund-raiser for Trump’s campaign and inauguration
  • Changed hurricane forecast, then forced National Weather Service to agree with him
  • Cheating banks on loans
  • Cheating contractors
  • Cheating family out of inheritance
  • Cheating insurance companies
  • Cheating on SATs (paid friend to take them)
  • Cheating on school papers (sister wrote them)
  • Cheating on taxes
  • Cheating on visa applications to essentially have slave labor in Trump properties
  • Cheating on wives
  • Children cut apart from families
  • Children locked in cages; essentially torture
  • Clemency abuse
  • Concealing hush money payments
  • Cut off healthcare for his infant nephew with seizure disorder
  • Defenestrating the civil service
  • Defenestrating environmental protection regulations
  • Defrauding banks on loans
  • Defrauding contractors on Trump properties
  • Destroying the post office
  • Divisive speeches
  • Election Fraud
  • Encouraging Chinese interference in the 2020 election
  • Encouraging Russian interference in the 2016 election
  • Encouraging Russian interference in the 2020 election
  • Foreign influence
  • Grab em by the pussy
  • Immigration fraud for Melania and family
  • Impeached
  • Imeeachment witnesses retailiated against- lost careers
  • Inciting racism
  • Inflated insurance claims
  • Kissing up to dictators
  • Lobbying violations
  • Lying lying lying lying lying lying - -
  • Mishandling COVID-19: refusing to wear/promote masks, holding rallies, etc.
  • Misrepresented net worth
  • Misused charitable assets- banned from being involved in charities.
  • Misused power to block witness testimony
  • Misused power to evoke executive privilege
  • Misused power to have Bill Barr investigate anyone investigating him.
  • Misused power to have unidentified militia shove citizens into unmarked vans.
  • Misused power to send federal troops to terrorize protestors
  • Mocking disabled people
  • Mocking POWs, soldiers killed in action, and the Gold Star families
  • Money laundering
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Multiple hand picked cabinet members convicted of crimes
  • Multiple hand picked cabinet members writing books warning Trump unfit for office
  • Multiple sexual assaults
  • Nepotism
  • Obliteration of the rule of law
  • Obstruction of justice
  • Offering presidential pardons
  • Private messaging by White House officials
  • Raping 13 year old girls with his buddy Jeffrey Epstein
  • Retaliates against Jeff Bezos, urging post office to raise rates in Amazon because of news coverage.
  • Role of Trump’s children and businesses in Trump’s inauguration
  • Self-dealing and campaign finance violations by the Trump Foundation
  • Sterilizing refugee women without their consent while held by ICE
  • Trump family’s tax schemes
  • Trump inaugural committee contributions, donations and spending
  • Trump inaugural committee ties to Middle East
  • Trump University fraud
  • Trump’s communications with Putin
  • Uses White House web site to advertise his donor's businesses
  • Uses White House web site to advertise wife's jewelry line
  • Uses Trump hotels and golf courses for White House and US business
  • U.S. nuclear venture in Saudi Arabia
  • Validates violence-promoting conspiracy groups
  • Violation of Emoluments Clause
  • Wanting to bang his daughter
  • Willful ignorance
  • Withdraws from WHO (World Health Organization) - and during a pandemic!
  • Witness tampering 

How do supporters not hold Trump accountable?  Lately I hear the justification that people don't have to like Trump, don't sleep with him and don't have to be best friends.

Yet the same people who refuse to hold Trump accountable, will hold a starving person accountable for stealing bread.

A bit more of what I see

  • The economy: Thank you Obama
    • Trump rode Obama's momentum:  See Chart---->
    • This economy is good for the wealthiest, while the rest are faring continually worse.
    • It's moot now. Due to mishandling the pandemic we're in dire straights.
  • Low unemployment- - and people still can't survive.
    • People must work multiple jobs with wages so low they still struggle to feed their families.
      • And of course, with the disastrous COVID-19 response, unemployment is skyrocketing. 
  • The middle class is disappearing.
    • The 3 wealthiest people in the USA (Bezos, Buffet, Zucherberg) have more money than the bottom 50% combined.
    • The top 1/10th of 1% of Americans have more than the bottom 90% of Americans. 
    • What is our democracy if just a few Americans benefit at the expense of most?
    • For business to thrive we need all Americans to be able to shop, eat in restaurants, go to shows, travel, etc. to support all businesses. Trickle up is all that works!
  • Lower taxes- for the wealthy
    • If taxes are too low, how do we pay for infrastructure, education, social security, military, etc?
    • Why do the wealthiest Americans pay the lowest rates for taxes?
  • Major Corporations came back to the US, except when they aren't.
    • We are not progressing.
      • "Reshoring Index Declines Again Despite America's New Trade Policies"
        "A.T. Kearney's latest Reshoring Index shows that, despite recent changes in trade and tax policy, growth in imports from low cost countries continues to outpace US Manufacturing Output; the report also describes how trade tensions with China have resulted in significant shifts in the landscape of US imports from low-cost countries."
      • Check the facts here: 2019 Reshoring Index
  • Saying that politicians are all the same is a bizarre, false equivalency.  
    • Comparing Trump crimes to other politicians is like watching someone beat and rape your mother, but instead of trying to help, pointing out that some other guy shoplifted when he was a teenager.
  • Beware of the pivot, the what-about-isms.
    • If we are discussing Trump crimes, bringing up anyone else's crimes would be like going to the doctor with a knife in your chest, and he just wants to discuss someone else's broken leg.

There was another famous leader who was great for the economy, too. He also wanted his people to be proud of their country again, held large, exciting rallies, and found ways to communicate directly to his base. They loved him and he even had support here in the USA filling Madison Square Garden. He talked nationalism, being proud and closing borders. He glorified the military, demanded loyalty oaths, solidified power by enriching the elites. He attacked the democratic process,  institutions, facts, truth, science, and the press. He blamed problems on one small group of people, tried deporting all of them, and when he couldn’t get them all out of the country, had to come up with a final solution.

Looking back on everyday Germans enjoying a rising economy, at what point do we stop understanding their support of Hitler?  There were even many Jews serving in the German military, even as family members were being exterminated in concentration camps (click here and click here for more)

At what point do we say enough is enough?

Apathy is the antithesis of decency and potentially the end of democracy.

One last observation:

In trying to understand views, I ask the question below. Answers fall into only two groups:

"What obligation does society have to care for the least able among us?"

  • Some will instantly answer that we must care for those in need.
  • Others will instantly and only be able to focus on those who might scam the system.

This is telling, but I am still searching for words to encapsulate what it tells. 

What is your view?

This has been a summary of how I see things today.  Perhaps we can bridge the divide if we at least understand what the others are seeing.

Please share your view, in comments if this is posted, or drop me a note.  And of course, if you have additions, let me know: Jane@JaneGordon.com 

On a lighter note, click here for a list of "Funny Names for the Name-Caller-in-Chief"

FU Donald Trump. Jane Gordon Jewelry