Witch Hunt?  Ohhh He Meant: Which Hunt?

Witch Hunt? Ohhh He Meant: Which Hunt?

Posted by Jane A. Gordon on 11th Jul 2020

Originally posted July 11, 2020. 
Updated May 30, 2024 to include felony convictions.

Silly us, we just misunderstood Trump's poor spelling.  Not "Witch hunt" - he only wanted to know "Which hunt?"  

Kidding aside, publishing this on my jewelry site is against better business judgment, but in harmony with my values and need to speak about the incomprehensibly distressing divide in our country.  Also, in my Election Day FU Trump picture, everyone loved the ring, so - - here we go. 

My estimates are that about 40% see what I see. 40% like him. 20% seem uncertain.  Really?  Uncertain?  But yeah, it seems so. It is a constant struggle to understand without judgment some family and long time friends. This is why:

Below is what I see.

  • Abuse of Congress
  • Abuse of legal system
    • Click here to review Trump's 4,095 law suits up until 2016


  • Abuse of power
  • Abuses of the White House security clearance process
  • Alienating long time allies
  • Attacks disabled people
  • Attacks grieving parents, Gold Star Families who lost children serving in the military
  • Attacks minorities
  • Attacks women
  • Business and political dealings of top fund-raiser for Trump’s campaign and inauguration
  • Changed hurricane forecast, then forced National Weather Service to agree with him
  • Cheating banks on loans
  • Cheating contractors
  • Cheating family out of inheritance
  • Cheating insurance companies
  • Cheating on SATs (paid friend to take them)
  • Cheating on school papers (sister wrote them)
  • Cheating on taxes
  • Cheating on visa applications to essentially have slave labor in Trump properties
  • Cheating on wives
  • Children cut apart from families
  • Children locked in cages; essentially torture
  • Clemency abuse
  • Concealing a Document in a Federal Investigation
  • Concealing hush money payments
  • Concealment, removal, or mutilation of records
  • Conspiracy to defraud the government
  • Criminal Handling of Government Documents
  • Conspiracy Against Rights
  • Conspiracy to Commit Filing False Documents
  • Conspiracy to Commit Forgery in the First Degree
  • Conspiracy to Commit Impersonating a Public Officer
  • Conspiracy to Defraud the United States
  • Conspiracy to Obstruct an Official Proceeding
  • Conspiracy to Obstruct Justice
  • Cut off healthcare for his infant nephew with seizure disorder
  • Defenestrating environmental protection regulations
  • Defenestrating the civil service
  • Defrauding banks on loans
  • Defrauding contractors on Trump properties
  • Destroying the post office
  • Divisive speeches
  • Election Fraud
  • Encouraging Chinese interference in the 2020 election
  • Encouraging Russian interference in the 2016 election
  • Encouraging Russian interference in the 2020 election
  • Encouraging Russian interference in the 2022 election
  • Encouraging Russian interference in the 2024 election
  • Espionage
  • False Statements and Representations
  • False Statements and Writings
  • Falsifying Business Records
  • Federal Classified Documents Case
  • Federal Jan. 6 Insurrection Case
  • Foreign influence
  • Georgia Election Interference Case
  • Solicitation of Violation of Oath by a Public Officer
  • Grab em by the pussy
  • Immigration fraud for Melania and family
  • Impeached
  • Impeachment witnesses retaliated against- lost careers
  • Inciting a Rebellion
  • Inciting insurrection and the riot at the Capital
  • Inciting racism
  • Inflated insurance claims
  • Kissing up to dictators
  • Lobbying violations
  • Lying lying lying lying lying lying - -
  • Mishandling COVID-19: refusing to wear/promote masks, holding rallies, etc.
  • Misrepresented net worth
  • Misused charitable assets- banned from being involved in charities.
  • Misused power to block witness testimony
  • Misused power to evoke executive privilege
  • Misused power to have Bill Barr investigate anyone investigating him.
  • Misused power to have unidentified militia shove citizens into unmarked vans.
  • Misused power to send federal troops to terrorize protestors
  • Mocking disabled people
  • Mocking POWs, soldiers killed in action, and the Gold Star families
  • Money laundering
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Multiple hand picked cabinet members convicted of crimes
  • Multiple hand picked cabinet members writing books warning Trump unfit for office
  • Multiple sexual assaults
  • Nepotism
  • New York Hush Money Case
  • Obliteration of the rule of law
  • Obstructing an official proceeding
  • Obstruction of justice
  • Obstruction of and Attempt to Obstruct an Official Proceeding
  • Offering presidential pardons
  • Private messaging by White House officials
  • Raping 13 year old girls with his buddy Jeffrey Epstein
  • Retaliates against Jeff Bezos, urging post office to raise rates in Amazon because of news coverage.
  • Role of Trump’s children and businesses in Trump’s inauguration
  • Scheme to Conceal
  • Self-dealing and campaign finance violations by the Trump Foundation
  • Stealing top secret national security documents
  • Sterilizing refugee women without their consent while held by ICE
  • Tax Evasion
  • Tax Fraud
  • Treason
  • Trump family’s tax schemes
  • Trump inaugural committee contributions, donations and spending
  • Trump inaugural committee ties to Middle East
  • Trump University fraud
  • Trump’s communications with Putin
  • U.S. nuclear venture in Saudi Arabia
  • Uses Trump hotels and golf courses for White House and US business
  • Uses White House web site to advertise his donor's businesses
  • Uses White House web site to advertise wife's jewelry line
  • Validates violence-promoting conspiracy groups
  • Violation of Emoluments Clause
  • Violations of the Espionage Act
  • Wanting to bang his daughter
  • Willful ignorance
  • Willful Retention of National Defense Information
  • Wire Fraud
  • Withdraws from WHO (World Health Organization) - and during a pandemic!
  • Withholding a Document or Record
  • Witness tampering
    List below updated May 30, 2024 to include convicted felonies
  • Count 1- Falsifying business records on Feb. 14, 2017, the Cohen invoice, guilty.
  • Count 2- Falsifying business records on Feb. 14, 2017, Trump Organization ledger entry, guilty.
  • Count 3- Falsifying business records on Feb. 14, 2017, Trump Organization ledger entry, guilty.
  • Count 4- Falsifying business records on Feb. 14, 2017, Trump Organization check entry, guilty.
  • Count 5: Falsifying business records on March 16, 2017, Cohen invoice, guilty.
  • Count 6: Falsifying business records on March 17, 2017, Trump Organization ledger entry, guilty.
  • Count 7: Falsifying business records on March 17, 2017, Trump Organization check entry, guilty.
  • Count 8: Falsifying business records on April 13, 2017, Cohen invoice, guilty.
  • Count 9: Falsifying business records on June 19, 2017, Trump Organization ledger entry, guilty.
  • Count 10: Falsifying business records on June 19, 2017, Trump Organization check entry, guilty.
  • Count 11: Falsifying business records on May 22, 2017, Cohen invoice, guilty.
  • Count 12: Falsifying business records on May 22, 2017, Trump Organization ledger entry, guilty.
  • Count 13: Falsifying business records on May 23, 2017, Trump Organization check entry, guilty.
  • Count 14: Falsifying business records on June 16, 2017, Cohen invoice, guilty.
  • Count 15: Falsifying business records on June 19, 2017, Trump Organization ledger entry, guilty.
  • Count 16: Falsifying business records on June 19, 2017, Trump Organization check entry, guilty.
  • Count 17: Falsifying business records on July 11, 2017, Cohen invoice, guilty. 
  • Count 18: Falsifying business records on July 11, 2017, Trump Organization ledger entry, guilty.
  • Count 19: Falsifying business records on July 11, 2017, Trump Organization check entry, guilty.
  • Count 20: Falsifying business records, Aug 1, 2017, Cohen invoice, guilty.
  • Count 21: Falsifying business records on Aug. 1, 2017, Trump Organization ledger entry, guilty.
  • Count 22: Falsifying business records on Aug 1. 2017, Trump Organization check entry, guilty.
  • Count 23: Falsifying business records on Sept. 11, 2017, Cohen invoice, guilty. 
  • Count 24: Falsifying business records on Sept. 11, 2017, Trump Organization ledger entry, guilty. 
  • Count 25: Falsifying business records on Sept. 12, 2017, Trump Organization check entry, guilty. 
  • Count 26: Falsifying business records on Oct. 18, 2017, Cohen invoice, guilty.
  • Count 27: Falsifying business records on Oct. 18, 2017, Trump Organization ledger entry, guilty.
  • Count 28: Falsifying business records on Oct. 18, 2017, Trump Organization check entry, guilty. 
  • Count 29: Falsifying business records on Nov. 20, 2017, Cohen invoice, guilty. 
  • Count 30: Falsifying business records on Nov. 20, 2017, Trump Organization ledger entry, guilty. 
  • Count 31: Falsifying business records on Nov. 21, 2017, Trump Organization check entry, guilty. 
  • Count 32: Falsifying business records on Dec. 1, 2017, Cohen check, guilty. 
  • Count 33: Falsifying business records on Dec. 1, 2017, Trump Organization ledger entry, guilty. 
  • Count 34: Falsifying business records on Dec. 5, 2017, Trump Organization check entry, guilty.

Below, back to the part published July 11, 2000

How do supporters not hold Trump accountable?  Lately I hear the justification that people don't have to like Trump, don't sleep with him and don't have to be best friends.

Yet the same people who refuse to hold Trump accountable, will hold a starving person accountable for stealing bread.

A bit more of what I see

  • The economy: Thank you Obama
    • Trump rode Obama's momentum:  See Chart---->
    • This economy is good for the wealthiest, while the rest are faring continually worse.
    • It's moot now. Due to mishandling the pandemic we're in dire straights.
  • Low unemployment- - and people still can't survive.
    • People must work multiple jobs with wages so low they still struggle to feed their families.
      • And of course, with the disastrous COVID-19 response, unemployment is skyrocketing. 
  • The middle class is disappearing.
    • The 3 wealthiest people in the USA (Bezos, Buffet, Zucherberg) have more money than the bottom 50% combined.
    • The top 1/10th of 1% of Americans have more than the bottom 90% of Americans. 
    • What is our democracy if just a few Americans benefit at the expense of most?
    • For business to thrive we need all Americans to be able to shop, eat in restaurants, go to shows, travel, etc. to support all businesses. Trickle up is all that works!
  • Lower taxes- for the wealthy
    • If taxes are too low, how do we pay for infrastructure, education, social security, military, etc?
    • Why do the wealthiest Americans pay the lowest rates for taxes?
  • Major Corporations came back to the US, except when they aren't.
    • We are not progressing.
      • "Reshoring Index Declines Again Despite America's New Trade Policies"
        "A.T. Kearney's latest Reshoring Index shows that, despite recent changes in trade and tax policy, growth in imports from low cost countries continues to outpace US Manufacturing Output; the report also describes how trade tensions with China have resulted in significant shifts in the landscape of US imports from low-cost countries."
      • Check the facts here: 2019 Reshoring Index
  • Saying that politicians are all the same is a bizarre, false equivalency.  
    • Comparing Trump crimes to other politicians is like watching someone beat and rape your mother, but instead of trying to help, pointing out that some other guy shoplifted when he was a teenager.
  • Beware of the pivot, the what-about-isms.
    • If we are discussing Trump crimes, bringing up anyone else's crimes would be like going to the doctor with a knife in your chest, and he just wants to discuss someone else's broken leg.

There was another famous leader who was great for the economy, too. He also wanted his people to be proud of their country again, held large, exciting rallies, and found ways to communicate directly to his base. They loved him and he even had support here in the USA filling Madison Square Garden. He talked nationalism, being proud and closing borders. He glorified the military, demanded loyalty oaths, solidified power by enriching the elites. He attacked the democratic process,  institutions, facts, truth, science, and the press. He blamed problems on one small group of people, tried deporting all of them, and when he couldn’t get them all out of the country, had to come up with a final solution.

Looking back on everyday Germans enjoying a rising economy, at what point do we stop understanding their support of Hitler?  There were even many Jews serving in the German military, even as family members were being exterminated in concentration camps (click here and click here for more)

At what point do we say enough is enough?

Apathy is the antithesis of decency and potentially the end of democracy.

One last observation:

In trying to understand views, I ask the question below. Answers fall into only two groups:

"What obligation does society have to care for the least able among us?"

  • Some will instantly answer that we must care for those in need.
  • Others will instantly and only be able to focus on those who might scam the system.

This is telling, but I am still searching for words to encapsulate what it tells. 

What is your view?

This has been a summary of how I see things today.  Perhaps we can bridge the divide if we at least understand what the others are seeing.

And then I saw this post which has been copied and pasted in Facebook- wish I knew who wrote it!

Now 100 days into the Biden/Harris administration, I owe my Trump-supporting friends an apology.

Like most informed people I know, I’ve been critical of the Trump presidency these last four years, and am still exhausted from the experience.
But to be fair, Trump wasn’t that bad, other than when...
He incited an insurrection against the government, mismanaged a pandemic that killed over a half a million Americans, separated children from their families, lost those children in the bureaucracy, tear-gassed peaceful protesters on Lafayette Square so he could hold a photo op holding a Bible in front of a church, tried to block all Muslims from entering the country, got impeached, got impeached again, had the worst jobs record of any president in modern history, pressured Ukraine to dig dirt on Joe Biden, fired the FBI director for investigating his ties to Russia, bragged about firing the FBI director on TV, took Vladimir Putin’s word over the US intelligence community, diverted military funding to build his wall, caused the longest government shutdown in US history, called Black Lives Matter a “symbol of hate,” lied nearly 30,000 times, banned transgender people from serving in the military, ejected reporters from the White House briefing room who asked tough questions, vetoed the defense funding bill because it renamed military bases named for Confederate soldiers, refused to release his tax returns, increased the national debt by nearly $8 trillion, had three of the highest annual trade deficits in U.S. history, called veterans and soldiers who died in combat losers and suckers, coddled the leader of Saudi Arabia after he ordered the execution and dismembering of a US-based journalist, refused to concede the 2020 election, hired his unqualified daughter and son-in-law to work in the White House, walked out of an interview with Lesley Stahl, called neo-Nazis “very fine people,” suggested that people should inject bleach into their bodies to fight COVID, abandoned our allies the Kurds to Turkey, pushed through massive tax cuts for the wealthiest but balked at helping working Americans, incited anti-lockdown protestors in several states at the height of the pandemic, withdrew the US from the Paris climate accords, withdrew the US from the Iranian nuclear deal, withdrew the US from the Trans Pacific Partnership which was designed to block China’s advances, insulted his own Cabinet members on Twitter, pushed the leader of Montenegro out of the way during a photo op, failed to reiterate US commitment to defending NATO allies, called Haiti and African nations “shithole” countries, called the city of Baltimore the “worst in the nation,” claimed that he single handedly brought back the phrase “Merry Christmas” even though it hadn’t gone anywhere, forced his Cabinet members to praise him publicly like some cult leader, believed he should be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, berated and belittled his hand-picked Attorney General when he recused himself from the Russia probe, suggested the US should buy Greenland, colluded with Mitch McConnell to push through federal judges and two Supreme Court justices after supporting efforts to prevent his predecessor from appointing judges, repeatedly called the media “enemies of the people,” claimed that if we tested fewer people for COVID we’d have fewer cases, violated the emoluments clause, thought that Nambia was a country, told Bob Woodward in private that the coronavirus was a big deal but then downplayed it in public, called his exceedingly faithful vice president a “p---y” for following the Constitution, nearly got us into a war with Iran after threatening them by tweet, nominated a corrupt head of the EPA, nominated a corrupt head of HHS, nominated a corrupt head of the Interior Department, nominated a corrupt head of the USDA, praised dictators and authoritarians around the world while criticizing allies, refused to allow the presidential transition to begin, insulted war hero John McCain – even after his death, spent an obscene amount of time playing golf after criticizing Barack Obama for playing (far less) golf while president, falsely claimed that he won the 2016 popular vote, called the Muslim mayor of London a “stone cold loser,” falsely claimed that he turned down being Time’s Man of the Year, considered firing special counsel Robert Mueller on several occasions, mocked wearing face masks to guard against transmitting COVID, locked Congress out of its constitutional duty to confirm Cabinet officials by hiring acting ones, used a racist dog whistle by calling COVID the “China virus,” hired and associated with numerous shady figures that were eventually convicted of federal offenses including his campaign manager and national security adviser, pardoned several of his shady associates, gave the Presidential Medal of Freedom to two congressman who amplified his batshit crazy conspiracy theories, got into telephone fight with the leader of Australia(!), had a Secretary of State who called him a moron, forced his press secretary to claim without merit that his was the largest inauguration crowd in history, botched the COVID vaccine rollout, tweeted so much dangerous propaganda that Twitter eventually banned him, charged the Secret Service jacked-up rates at his properties, constantly interrupted Joe Biden in their first presidential debate, claimed that COVID would “magically” disappear, called a U.S. Senator “Pocahontas,” used his Twitter account to blast Nordstrom when it stopped selling Ivanka’s merchandise, opened up millions of pristine federal lands to development and drilling, got into a losing tariff war with China that forced US taxpayers to bail out farmers, claimed that his losing tariff war was a win for the US, ignored or didn’t even take part in daily intelligence briefings, blew off honoring American war dead in France because it was raining, redesigned Air Force One to look like the Trump Shuttle, got played by Kim Jung Un and his “love letters,” threatened to go after social media companies in clear violation of the Constitution, botched the response to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, threw paper towels at Puerto Ricans when he finally visited them, pressured the governor and secretary of state of Georgia to “find” him votes, thought that the Virgin islands had a President, drew on a map with a Sharpie to justify his inaccurate tweet that Alabama was threatened by a hurricane, allowed White House staff to use personal email accounts for official businesses after blasting Hillary Clinton for doing the same thing, rolled back regulations that protected the public from mercury and asbestos, pushed regulators to waste time studying snake-oil remedies for COVID, rolled back regulations that stopped coal companies from dumping waste into rivers, held blatant campaign rallies at the White House, tried to take away millions of Americans’ health insurance because the law was named for a Black man, refused to attend his successors’ inauguration, nominated the worst Education Secretary in history, threatened judges who didn’t do what he wanted, attacked Dr. Anthony Fauci, promised that Mexico would pay for the wall (it didn’t), allowed political hacks to overrule government scientists on major reports on climate change and other issues, struggled navigating a ramp after claiming his opponent was feeble, called an African-American Congresswoman “low IQ,” threatened to withhold federal aid from states and cities with Democratic leaders, went ahead with rallies filled with maskless supporters in the middle of a pandemic, claimed that legitimate investigations of his wrongdoing were “witch hunts,” seemed to demonstrate a belief that there were airports during the American Revolution, demanded “total loyalty” from the FBI director, praised a conspiracy theory that Democrats are Satanic pedophiles, completely gutted the Voice of America, placed a political hack in charge of the Postal Service, claimed without evidence that the Obama administration bugged Trump Tower, suggested that the US should allow more people from places like Norway into the country, suggested that COVID wasn’t that bad because he recovered with the help of top government doctors and treatments not available to the public, overturned energy conservation standards that even industry supported, reduced the number of refugees the US accepts, insulted various members of Congress and the media with infantile nicknames, gave Rush Limbaugh a Presidential medal of Freedom at the State of the Union address, named as head of federal personnel a 29-year old who’d previously been fired from the White House for allegations of financial improprieties, eliminated the White House office of pandemic response, used soldiers as campaign props, fired any advisor who made the mistake of disagreeing with him, demanded the Pentagon throw him a Soviet-style military parade, hired a shit ton of white nationalists, politicized the civil service, did absolutely nothing after Russia hacked the U.S. government, falsely said the Boy Scouts called him to say his bizarre Jamboree speech was the best speech ever given to the Scouts, claimed that Black people would overrun the suburbs if Biden won, insulted reporters of color, insulted women reporters, insulted women reporters of color, suggested he was fine with China’s oppression of the Uighurs, attacked the Supreme Court when it ruled against him, summoned Pennsylvania state legislative leaders to the White House to pressure them to overturn the election, spent countless hours every day watching Fox News, refused to allow his administration to comply with Congressional subpoenas, hired Rudy Giuliani as his lawyer, tried to punish Amazon because the Jeff Bezos-owned Washington Post wrote negative stories about him, acted as if the Attorney General of the United States was his personal attorney, attempted to get the federal government to defend him in a libel lawsuit from a women who accused him of sexual assault, held private meetings with Vladimir Putin without staff present, didn’t disclose his private meetings with Vladimir Putin so that the US had to find out via Russian media, stopped holding press briefings for months at a time, “ordered” US companies to leave China even though he has no such power, led a political party that couldn’t even be bothered to draft a policy platform, claimed preposterously that Article II of the Constitution gave him absolute powers, tried to pressure the U.K. to hold the British Open at his golf course, suggested that the government nuke hurricanes, suggested that wind turbines cause cancer, said that he had a special aptitude for science, fired the head of election cyber security after he said that the 2020 election was secure, blurted out classified information to Russian officials, tried to force the G7 to hold their meeting at his failing golf resort in Florida, fired the acting attorney general when she refused to go along with his unconstitutional Muslim travel ban, hired Stephen Miller, openly discussed national security issues in the dining room at Mar-a-Lago where everyone could hear them, interfered with plans to relocate the FBI because a new development there might compete with his hotel, abandoned Iraqi refugees who’d helped the U.S. during the war, tried to get Russia back into the G7, held a COVID super spreader event in the Rose Garden, seemed to believe that Frederick Douglass is still alive, lost 60 election fraud cases in court including before judges he had nominated, falsely claimed that factories were reopening when they weren’t, shamelessly exploited terror attacks in Europe to justify his anti-immigrant policies, still hasn’t come up with a healthcare plan, still hasn’t come up with an infrastructure plan despite repeated “Infrastructure Weeks,” forced Secret Service agents to drive him around Walter Reed while contagious with COVID, told the Proud Boys to “stand back and stand by,” fucked up the Census, withdrew the U.S. from the World Health Organization in the middle of a pandemic, did so few of his duties that his press staff were forced to state on his daily schedule “President Trump will work from early in the morning until late in the evening. He will make many calls and have many meetings,” allowed his staff to repeatedly violate the Hatch Act, seemed not to know that Abraham Lincoln was a Republican, stood before sacred CIA wall of heroes and bragged about his election win, constantly claimed he was treated worse than any president which presumably includes four that were assassinated and his predecessor whose legitimacy and birthplace were challenged by a racist reality TV show star named Donald Trump, claimed Andrew Jackson could’ve stopped the Civil War even though he died 16 years before it happened, said that any opinion poll showing him behind was fake, claimed that other countries laughed at us before he became president when several world leaders were literally laughing at him, claimed that the military was out of ammunition before he became President, created a commission to whitewash American history, retweeted anti-Islam videos from one of the most racist people in Britain, claimed ludicrously that the Pulse nightclub shooting wouldn’t have happened if someone there had a gun even though there was an armed security guard there, hired a senior staffer who cited the non-existent Bowling Green Massacre as a reason to ban Muslims, had a press secretary who claimed that Nazi Germany never used chemical weapons even though every sane human being knows they used gas to kill millions of Jews and others, bilked the Secret Service for higher than market rates when they had to stay at Trump properties, apparently sold pardons on his way out of the White House, stripped protective status from 59,000 Haitians, falsely claimed Biden wanted to defund the police, said that the head of the CDC didn’t know what he was talking about, tried to rescind protection from DREAMers, gave himself an A+ for his handling of the pandemic, tried to start a boycott of Goodyear tires due to an Internet hoax, said U.S. rates of COVID would be lower if you didn’t count blue states, deported U.S. veterans who served their country but were undocumented, claimed he did more for African Americans than any president since Lincoln, touted a “super-duper” secret “hydrosonic” missile which may or may not be a new “hypersonic” missile or may not exist at all, retweeted a gif calling Biden a pedophile, forced through security clearances for his family, suggested that police officers should rough up suspects, suggested that Biden was on performance-enhancing drugs, tried to stop transgender students from being able to use school bathrooms in line with their gender, suggested the US not accept COVID patients from a cruise ship because it would make US numbers look higher, nominated a climate change sceptic to chair the committee advising the White House on environmental policy, retweeted a video doctored to look like Biden had played a song called “Fuck tha Police” at a campaign event, hugged a disturbingly large number of U.S. flags, accused Democrats of “treason” for not applauding his State of the Union address, claimed that the FBI failed to capture the Parkland school shooter because they were “spending too much time” on Russia, mocked the testimony of Dr Christine Blasey Ford when she accused Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, obsessed over low-flow toilets, ordered the rerelease of more COVID vaccines when there weren’t any to release, called for the construction of a bizarre garden of heroes with statutes of famous dead Americans as well as at least one Canadian (Alex Trebek), hijacked Washington’s July 4th celebrations to give a partisan speech, took advice from the MyPillow guy, claimed that migrants seeking a better life in the US were dangerous caravans of drug dealers and rapists, said nothing when Vladimir Putin poisoned a leading opposition figure, never seemed to heed the advice of his wife’s “Be Best” campaign, falsely claimed that mail-in voting is fraudulent, announced a precipitous withdrawal of troops from Syria which not only handed Russia and ISIS a win but also prompted his defense secretary to resign in protest, insulted the leader of Canada, insulted the leader of France, insulted the leader of Britain, insulted the leader of Germany, insulted the leader of Sweden (Sweden!!), falsely claimed credit for getting NATO members to increase their share of dues, blew off two Asia summits even though they were held virtually, continued lying about spending lots of time at Ground Zero with 9/11 responders, said that the Japanese would sit back and watch their “Sony televisions” if the US were ever attacked, left a NATO summit early in a huff, stared directly into an eclipse even though everyone over the age of 5 knows not to do that, called himself a very stable genius despite significant evidence to the contrary, refused to commit to a peaceful transfer of power and kept his promise, and a whole bunch of other things I can’t remember at the moment.

But other than that. . .