Forward from 9/11

Forward from 9/11

Posted by Jane A Gordon on 10th Sep 2014

Usually a news-junkie, on this anniversary of 9/11, is it disrespectful to want to stay away from news? 

Peace and Love earrings.  Peace and Lots of It.Peacce, Love and Abundance Ring

Having forgotten to go to jury duty that life changing day, instead of being downtown, I watched on TV instead- safe in my midtown apartment.  Added to the horror was guilty anguish, wondering if I was supposed to be there that day, if I could have helped someone- saved someone. Illogical and useless thoughts, yet they haunted me for years until I learned to forgive myself for something I can't understand anyway.

Forgiveness HeartForgiving Heart (back view)

For the next year, the first time after, anytime New Yorkers ran into each other we cried before we spoke, knowing the topic would be friends who died in the tower. 

Peace of Heart (Front view)Peace of Heart (back view)Peace of Heart- small and large

Nope-no news for me today. Friends only. I am heading out to 47th St- to make something beautiful, and bring some work to other NY'ers. Tiny steps forward, and I am wishing Peace of Heart to all.

Peace, Power, Love and Gratitude