Jane's World (Part 1)  Don't Be Afraid

Jane's World (Part 1) Don't Be Afraid

Posted by Jane A Gordon on 9th Feb 2016

Give people your smile, and open their souls.  Embrace the world and the world embraces you.

The world is inspiring.  People everywhere are the same.  How should you treat others?  As if there are no others, because we are all one. 

Traveling the world. often alone, I just want to hug hug hug the whole world. There is no reason to be afraid.  Trust me, so far - 89 or 90 countries and still counting,  I haven't seen it all, but have seen a lot.  In case you still don't believe me, below are a few photos of strangers saying hello. Total strangers with love in their eyes, hearts and souls.  You can see. 

Politicians are feeding fear and cultivating hate to manipulate people - as if they can ride in on their white stallions.  

War makes a few at the top wealthy.  Peace makes everyone rich.  

Please look at the photos below for a smile.  Feel the love.

There will be many more peace and love photos to follow, if I ever get the time to plow through more pictures.  Sharing these has been in my heart and mind for some time so this is the first group.  

If you want to purchase any of these, if they touch or inspire you, the photos can be printed on canvas, glass or paper and can be delivered framed or unframed. They can also be used on products, like t-shirts, silk shirts, scarves, tote bags, cell phone cases, greeting cards, coasters, duvet covers, throw pillows, shower curtains, etc etc etc.

Contact me to discuss what you love and how to use them.  


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Oman, Muscat Marketplace.  


Cairo, Egypt.  A warm hello

Cairo, Egypt, Tripple hello from two men and a camel.

Egypt, three men waving at me in a passing bus.

Cairo, Egypt, Greeting me with open arms.

Fanning Island, Republic of Kiribati.  Peace in purple.

Fanning Island, Republic of Kiribati.  Peace and surprise.  Why is he so surprised?

Fanning Island, Republic of Kiribati.  Are you looking at me?

Fanning Island, Republic of Kiribati.  Child with sleeping baby.  

Fanning Island, Republic of Kiribati. Peace from the palm tree.  

Maputo, Mozambique.  Peace in the marketplace.  

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  She was checking me out as I checked her too.

New York City- looking pretty in pink.

Madiera, Portugal.  Thumbs up.

Rangiroa, French Polynesia.  Peace in the sea.  

Pappette, French Polynesia.  Peace in the marketplace.

Thailand Temple.  Schoolboy greetings.

Saigon, Vietnam.  Peace with the baskets.

Vietnam, resting on the bike.

Vietnam, Thumbs up on the bike break.

Cochin, India.  Spicy Peace from the window.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia.  Two thumbs up from the bikes.

Fanning Island, Republic of Kiribati. - Swimming out to say goodbye.  

Madigascar Clouds.  The earth blows a kiss.