Love or Fear: Which Will Rule Your Life?

Posted by Jane A Gordon on 27th Jun 2014


A toddler defends mother during brutal beating as a dozen adults watch. Mind boggling that 12 bystanders do noting to stop one female attacker even while a 2 year old demonstrated bravery.  Not one even calls police- phones are used instead to video the attack.      To see the video click here)

What a shocking display of humanity at it's best and worst in this news story today.  Imagine the pure love demonstrated by the two year old child - a child who only just learned to walk!!!!  What could have been going through the minds of the adults?

Some think the opposite of love is hate.  

Both love and hate are intense passion for the 'other' whatever the perceived emotion.  One could argue that indifference is the opposite of love.  Yet indifference can change to love in an instant: the very moment one really 'sees' or comes to know the other. 

Fear, however, absolutely and completely cancels out love.  And luckily for us all:  love cancels fear.

Love and fear can not exist together.   Always remember:



How do we take this out of theory and use it in our own lives?   How to we put this into action, interact with the world, live, think and feel, using parts of ourselves which are best (love) instead of the worst (fear)?

We are all frightened at times.  When I need to make a decision during frightening times I first clear my head by finding peace in my heart.   Getting still - crowding out fear thoughts - is the start.

TRY THIS:  Stop whatever you're doing - be still for a moment,  Close your eyes if you can.  Now repeat the words "thank you thank you thank you" until all thoughts are crowded from your mind.  You will feel your body relax.   Now, slowly contemplate things in your life for which you are grateful. If any 'fear thoughts' creep in, go back to the thank you thoughts.   Focusing on blessings in your life puts you back into a space of love.  You are now ready to tackle the - - instead of 'scary things' let's call them 'challenges. 

Peach of Heart Necklace-SS-Both sizesAt particularly scary times, I wear the "Peace of Heart" necklace as reminder.

Peace of Heart- BACK VIEW

Never underestimate your own power.   You can change the world.  

It starts one kindness at a time.

Kindness is easy.  Sometimes we must fight. It should be a last resort- yet occasionally necessary. We fight to defend the defenseless, for good, right, health,  life and love. 

LOVE or FEAR:  Which is going to rule your life?

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REMEMBER- Don't be afraid to fight for right.

"If I am only for myself, what am I? 
If I am not for myself, who will be for me?
and if not now, when?"

(Rabbi Hillel- about 500 years BC)

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