Thinking Wand?  "What is Thinking Wand Magazine?"

Thinking Wand? "What is Thinking Wand Magazine?"

Posted by Jane A Gordon on 16th Sep 2014

Fiddling with Magic Wands, my six year old Niece Mia, considering a dilemma, was mindlessly tapping her head with a wand when she 'got it' - the light bulb switched on. Then the bulb went off again as she looked at the wand with surprise:

"Jane- this is a thinking wand."

How I want a Thinking-Wand!!!

Previously I assumed people didn't enjoy thinking, or that it was too much effort. Now I know thinking is not generally taught. From the beinging of me, I was taught to question everything. Perhaps that made me an artist- or being an artist made me think. Chicken/egg - - what ever it was, I want a Thinking-Wand! Not readily available, I am creating one for everyone.

See the menu for timeless articles, funny to serious, all designed to offer a gems to make life better - - maybe even inspire thoughts. Please share if these will help someone else. Pass it on - - -

From my heart to yours, with love,