Wheels On A Suitcase

Wheels On A Suitcase

Posted by Jane A Gordon on 11th Jun 2014

Wheels on a suitcase. It’s so obvious- - - now. Yet until October 1970 we had wheels, and we had suitcases- but no one put them together. Bernard Sadow’s (now obvious) idea was met with disdain and repeated rejection.

Why is this relevant to you, now, today?

Humans evolve as a society.  Have we evolved spiritually?

Until 1862 American’s fought bloody battles for their ‘god given’ right to own slaves (Leviticus 25:44). We fought until 1919 against women’s voting rights. Now we no longer burn witches, allow teachers to hit students, separate races by law, or hide pedophile priests. Most important, it is not difficult to explain these ‘truths’ to children, who don’t have a lifelong struggle internalizing the concepts, for example, that owning humans is wrong. It just is. We evolve as society.

Do we, as a species, evolve spiritually? Do we build on truths of previous generations, or of our own truths?

These steps to happiness have been written since writing began. Each should be obvious, yet we even struggle to build on truths which we, as individuals, have learned, understood and relearned.

As example, we all know gratitude will increase joy. How many of us always hold gratitude in site?

My work, inspiration and passion, is sharing paths to happiness, success, leadership and oneness. Understanding isn’t enough. We must create a ‘spiritual muscle memory” to integrate these truths into our lives and selves.

To lead and inspire most effectively, we will look at how to shine light on truth, gracefully answering unasked questions in a way that others feel graceful.  When we teach and lead without being seen as teachers and leaders, we support in others the dignity of making their own discoveries.

Our challenge is to explore how to take that quantum spiritual leap as a species. My vision is that the leap will be one simple step: learning to inspire integrity in those who never had it, and see no value in it.

People tell me this is not possible. I believe it is.

When we get there, it will be as obvious as wheels on a suitcase.