Why people commit suicide.

Why people commit suicide.

Posted by jane gordon on 11th Aug 2014


Standing on a tiny clearing on the edge of the cliff of eternity,

The clear sparkling sky the color blue

which inspires.

Watching the birds play and sing, with certainty

that with one step I can fly forever too.

Behind me, the black, tangled, frightening forest of my life.

Barred from the one path to happiness,

standing mired

in the obvious choice. Go to the light. Go to the light.

Happy New Year! This one will be your year to shine.

When does it get easy?

But when?

No more struggle is mine,

nothing left in me to fight.

I see it all now, it doesn’t get easy

because this is life, not fine.

never again.

Step off the cliff, go to the light, go to the light.

Voices from the forest hold me paralyzed from lasting peace.

Let me take the cherished step

the endless sleep.

The one thing ever done right

now keeps me from the light.

My step would darken the forest of those by me: friends.

If their love is true...wouldn’t they let my

torment end?

Would they not say “Go to the light” “Go to the light.”?