Michael Madigan Painting- Untitled

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Michael Madigan paintings never go on sale, and never even go to auction.  This is an incredible deal!

This multicolor painting brightens any room and mood.  This single statement piece almost five feet high is all you need on a single wall.  This painting was donated to a charity auction in 1991 where I was lucky enough to win it as first prize.   

This from the artist  Sept 27, 2013 (I have the Provenance).  

Micheal Madigan (sometimes spelled Michael Madigan)                                                                      
2019 Greenwood Avenue
Hamilton, NJ08609
       I created the painting    “Untitled “   (dimensions 41”x58”) acrylic on canvas in the fall of 1990 in my studio in Hamilton, New Jersey, U.S.A. It had been exhibited with a body of my work at MercerCountyCollege in 1991, and then was donated by me to a charity in New York City for fundraising purposed.
       The retail value of current works in the U.S. market of similar scale, established by recent retail sales prices (as of September, 2013) is between $11,000 and $11,550.
 Micheal Madigan

 You can also find Michael Madigan paintings at (1) Strikoff Fine Art, NY city (2) Morpeth Contemporary Art, Hopewell NJ (3) James Gallery, Pittsburgh, (4) Aisling Group Fine Art Washington DC.  Check if these places ever, ever have a Michael Madigan painting for sale.  They also never go to auction.  This is an incredible deal.

Contact me for more info: Jane@JaneGordon.com or 212-688-8600.


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