Ancient Sailboat. Papyrus painting from Egypt in Italian frame.

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Papyrus (definition below) is only made in Egypt, which is where I bought these.  The elegant frame was made in Italy, and I counf it in NY.   Instead of using a mat to cover the Papyrus edges, the natural plant edges show, juxtaposing the ancient, rustic art with the chic, elegant frame.   The painting is 6 3/4"  x 8 3/4" inside a frame of 9.2" x 11.2" which sits on a table top.  
This painting is a sailboat - - or at least an acient sailboat.  Imagine this was your pain method of travel.
pa·py·rus noun 
1.a material prepared in ancient Egypt from the pithy stem of a water plant, used in sheets throughout the ancient Mediterranean world for  writing or painting on and also for making rope, sandals, and boats.
2.the tall aquatic sedge from which papyrus is obtained, native to central Africa and the Nile valley.