Stunning Carved Marble Box- Single Flower- from Vietnam

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Carved marble box with a single flower on top from Vietnam.  I have one of these on my dresser which I use for the earrings I take off at night.  It's useful, beautiful, and the weight feels luxurious to the hand.  Each is one-of-a-kind so don't miss it.   

The box is a 2" square, and 1.5" deep.  

As introduction to the place where I bought these boxes, included here are a few photos from Vietnam.   Photos are available signed and framed, and also on canvass, glass and fabric.  I have been experimenting with new products, and enjoying glass coasters and tabletops with the photos. I can create a collection just for you.
This is one that always makes me smile, and matched in an elegant Italian frame. 
 Just let me know what you want- my job is to make you happy!