Carved Bone Elephant from Kenya on peach freshwater pearls from China.

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This is a multi cultural necklace, I bought the carved elephant in Kenya, the peach pearls are from China and the clasp is from Portugal.  These are called Pearls for Little Girls, but they work for big girls, too. 

NOTE: This is NOT IVORY.  It's cow bone, from a bovine, cattle, someone's leftovers from a meal.  What artists in third world countries do with reclaimed and found materials is inspirational.  In this case, instead of throwing away bones after a meal, the bones are dried and used for carvings and all sorts of beautiful art. 

One thing that I do love about this, whether for child or adult, is that it can be used to open a conversation about elephants and all of our precious wildlife. Elephants are incredible creatures with all the intelligence and range of emotions as humans.  They are also endangered by poachers, and it is important for us all to work towards ending this.  While we can fight poaching directly, the only way to really end it is through awareness, and eliminating the market for ivory by ensuring that no one wants to buy or wear it.  I was not aware until visiting Africa that if demand for ivory continues as it is now, then the poaching will continue, and elephants will be extinct within the next 15 years.  A necklace like this is a great way to open conversations and raise awareness.