White Elk Wall Hanging: Perseverance, Reach for the Sky: by Naomi Knecht

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This Elk Wall Hanging is inspired by the images of Georgia O’keefe, and based on the American legends of the Great Elk. The mask is a symbol of perseverance and stamina.  The legend says that elk antlers reach for the sun.

Hand made from ceramic and glaze in a natural creamy-off-white color.  It peacefully decorates, which encouraging positive feelings of potential achievement.  Great for anyone, for adults and children, men and women. It's universal.

Nomi Knecht is a Philadelphia artist who resides in Bryn Mawr. Her representational paintings burst with color and bold expression. Expert at capturing color and light, she is at home painting urban scenes as well as fields of sunflowers in France or deep-sea fishing vessels in the Jersey harbors. She has been an art teacher at the Episcopal Academy for 20 years and previous to this, worked in New York and Philadelphia, designing and publishing illustrations in magazines, most notably, Rolling Stone magazine and the Pennsylvania Gazette.

Artist's Statement:
I paint what I see but I do not copy - I transform. Capturing the mood is what I care about. I want the viewer to imagine themselves having a cup of coffee in a cafe of painted or see themselves standing on the dock as an immense fishing trawler with a sassy name pulls away from the dock, casting it's amazing reflection in the water. My creative process is about combining observed images and drawing from memory. This way, what is striking emerges. I sketch, draw and photograph all the time. Research is essential to my process. Applying paint in a direct manner, I use both wet-into-wet and wet-onto-dry methods. I paint mostly with oil on canvas in my studio and work from drawings and studies I do on location with watercolor or pastels "en plein air." 

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