Decision Coin Necklace: "His Way" / "Her Way"

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Rather than argue with your sweetheart, why not just toss a coin? Most of the things we argue about aren't really the thing we are arguing about anyway. Every disagreement is best looked at gently, as a way to know each other better. In the meantime - - why not just flip a coin? Inspirational jewelry as reminders - there is a better way. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Decisions decisions. Why waste all those years on education and therapy when you can just flip a coin?

Options include
"Be Naughty/ Be Nice"
"His Way/Her Way"
"Her Way/ Her Way"
"Work Out/ Pig Out"
"Look/ Leap"
"Gratitude/ Entitlement"

Coins can be removed and exchanged. Other coins $350 each (Sale $250 as additional coin with purchase of coin necklace). Coin alone makes a great gift for him!

Each coin the size of a US quarter ($.25) in sterling silver with three diamonds, (one in the holder and one on each side of the coin) G-VS color (white and sparkly) approximately 7.5 pts.

Jewelry with meaning gives more meaning to gifts.