Pansy in gold and diamonds on artful interiors- Throw Pillow

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This pansy- well, for some reason it's called a pansy but it's really an imaginary flower from the sea.  I came across some petal shaped pearls and was so captivated by the shape that I took molds of the petals, cast in silver and gold, added the diamond center, and a flower was born.  The organic shape seems to resonate, probably because it comes from the sea, and so do we.  Click here for more this, and more flower jewelry here /Flowers in this Astonishing World. 

Art meets technoloy.  Through Fine Art America I am able to offer a huge variety of products at great prices.  You can purchase this here, or for many mroe options, visit my page    Fine art to fashion, prints to products, all created with my art, using the interactive web site to collaboration with you, creating the perfect piece for you. Here you can change the size of the product or photo, change the placement of images, or chage the backfround color.  Every image can be used for:

  • Artwork:
    • Framed or unframed (many choices)
    • Matted or not,
    • Printed in canvass, acrylic, metal, posters etc.
  • Cell phone cases
  • Duvet Covers
  • Throw Pillows
  • Shower Curtains
  • Greetng Cards
  • Tote Bags in many designs. Keep checking back for more. (Some examples shown here)
    • 13 x 13" =  $36
    • 16 x 16" =  $38
    • 18 x 18" =  $39