Blue Handmade Leather Gloves, Genuine Pearl Buttons, Love & Gratitude lining

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Each pair of these handmade gloves is made to order.  So you can have a pair like this, made-to-measure to your hand, or you can make any changes you desire.


When you order I will send a form showing you all the places for you to measure your hands, and also giving you space to trace both hands.  You decide how high up the arm you want the glove, as well as color, lining, etc.  

Shown here: sky blue gloves with genuine Freshwater pearls used as the buttons up the side. These have my signature silk, with "Love & Gratitude" as support for you, or whoever is wearing the gloves.   Love & Gratitude, for me, is a recipe for happiness.  Look with love, look for the best in everyone and every situation, have gratitude for our blessings, and we lift ourselves every day.

These rise 15" - just about up to the elbow (depending on the length of your arm).  You might choose higher or shorter. 

Yeah - it's crazy extravagant in concept, but so luxurious.  Pearls lend an understated elegance to everything.  Why not gloves, too?  You deserve these!   

Every pair of gloves is made to order, so customization is easy.  Different length, color, lining,  gemstone, etc.  Just let me know what you want.   

My mom always told me the perfect gift is something people would absolutely love, but would not necessarily think to buy for themselves.  Who would not absolutely adore getting this as a gift?  Treat your loved ones, and love treating yourself, too.