Taupe Suede Gloves with Genuine Pearl Cluster as Zipper Pull

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Taupe suede gloves with zipper up the side.  At the top, the zipper tab is a cluster of 3 pearls. This sample is 13"- about half way between wrist and elbow, depending, of course, on the length of your arm.

Every pair of gloves is made to order, so customization is easy.  Different length, color, lining,  gemstone, etc.  Just let me know what you want.   

Ok we know that fine jewels is a bit crazy extravagant in concept, but so luxurious.  Pearls lend an understated elegance to everything.  Why not gloves, too?  You deserve these!   

My mom always told me the perfect gift is something people would absolutely love, but would not necessarily think to buy for themselves.  Who would not absolutely adore getting this as a gift?  Treat your loved ones, and love treating yourself, too.