Tahitian & Freshwater Multi-Strand Pearl Necklace: Tan and Taupe Suede Cords. Elegant Magnetic Clasp from Barcelona

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Tahitian center pearl and Chinese Freshwater pearls on multi-strand light and dark taupe suede cords on a magnetic clasp. 16" if you wear it loose.  This can be worn a little shorter by twisting the whole necklace into a torsade.

It's unusual to find real Tahitian pearls mixed with white Freshwater pearls.  French Polynesia is the only place where pearls grow in these magnificent black and grey colors.  It is illegal to import the white pearls which don't grow there, so you never see the mix.   Anywhere else in the world, they just dye the less expensive pearls into black and grey colors. Because I mix these pearls which are so rarely mixed, I like to call these Naughty Necklaces. 

This is a true international piece in other ways.  The white pearls from China which I bought in New York city,  The Tahitian pearl I bought in Bora Bora, and I bought the beautiful magnetic clasps in Barcelona, (and wish I had bought more).  

This is an interesting look, in that it can be worn with jeans, or a cocktail dress.  It's funky and chic at the same time. 

There are three versions of this multi strand necklace. The other two are all Tahitian pearls, and $975.00 each.
Tahitian Pearls on black suede cords: 18"
Tahitian Pearls on black and brown suede cords: 17" 
Tahitian Center Pearl on dark and light taupe suede cords: 16"