Bow Necklace-18K gold with diamonds on Karma chain with diamond dots

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Jewelry is the perfect giftwrapping for the gift that is you.  Bow necklace on diamond ripple dot Karma Chain.  The dots of diamonds are meant to bring to mind how a pebble causes ripples in a pond which resonate out, just as every short temper or act of kindness also resonates out in ways we can only imagine.  The reminder is to always be careful and kind.  Also, the bow looks delicate, in reality is solid. If we can recall that nothing is what it seems, then we can over ride our own judgments, look for the best in everyone (even those we initially dislike) and we can find opportunity in crisis.

When we keep our heart and mind open, truth and light enter.

Also available in earrings. 18K gold $1500,  14K gold $1100 and Sterling silver $450.