Circle Flower Pendant- Sterling Silver with Diamonds. 18K gold plate options

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Circle flower pendant with diamonds. If you know my work, you know that there is usually inspiration, either uplifting ideas, nature, or the materials themselves.  This is very unusual to say, but these are just the shape that they are, and not inspired by anything I can describe. 

The Circle Flower design is available in earrings, and as a pendant which can be worn on cords or chains. They look beautiful either way, and together

These can be custom made to suit your taste and budget, available in any color and karat of gold, platinum, or or sterling silver with or without rhodium or 18k gold plate.  The diamonds can be changed for colored gemstones.

As shown these have a few diamonds in the dots highlighting the flowers. They can be made with diamonds in every dot, which will look amazing: priced upon request. The reason I don't have prices now is that I've never made these with all diamonds.  You will have the first and only!

Matching pendant: approximately 8.5 points G-VS diamonds (white and sparkly). 

18K gold with diamonds Circle Flower pendant
14K gold with diamonds Circle Flower pendant
Sterling silver with diamonds Circle Flower pendant

Circle Flower Earrings: approximately 17 points G-VS diamonds (white and sparkly).  

18K gold with diamonds circle flower earrings
14K gold with diamonds circle flower earrings
Sterling silver with diamonds circle flower earrings