Dancing Couple Heart Necklace: Love is Everywhere. Diamonds in 18K Gold in Sterling Silver Heart

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This was inspired while watching a ballet.  The unity of the dancers was inspiring, and brought to mind how beautiful it would be to go through life with a love who was a true partner. Living together in oneness and harmony.  I sketched this, and the rest, as they say, is history. 

Approx 16-20 pts G-VS diamonds are set in solid 18K gold dots that give a feeling of abundance overflow: Jane's signature look.  The heart is sterling silver. 

Customization Available:

  • Any other metal such as all silver or all gold is priced upon request.
  • At the moment I only have a male and female couple.  If you want two men or two women, I am happy to make one just for you.
  • Gemstones of your choice can be used - let's make this perfect for you.

This can be worn on a chain or colored cords to coordinate and accommodate changing styles and moods

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Any time you take the time to give a gift to someone (or to yourself) the act alone is touching someone.   When, added to that, you give a gift which specifically shares a message or value that you cherish, the gift itself becomes even more cherished.  Jewelry with meaning, inspirational, can be worn as a talisman - a reminder of both the giver and the message.