Flower Heart "Love is Everywhere" Necklace. Sterling Silver with Diamonds

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Did you notice that the flowers make a heart shape?  Look again, there are more hearts in the leaves.  The Love is Everywhere Collection reminds is that what we look for is what you find- in people and in life.  Even the bible tells us “Seek and you shall find.”

Look for the best in everyone and everything, and we put ourselves in a better world.

At the time of posting this I do not have the Flower Heart, and don’t have photos of the back.

From the "Love is Everywhere" collection, those words are on the back of the flowers.

These can be made in any metal and stone combination.  The silver can be plated in 18K gold, too.  We'll make it perfect for you.

Approx 15-20 pts G-VS diamonds.

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