Love is Everywhere- Swan Heart Necklace in Sterling Silver with Diamonds

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This piece was inspired when I saw swans and their necks made the shape of a heart.  I finished the heart shape with diamonds representing the water.  What I did not know at the time is that swans are among the few species which mate for life.

One might not notice at first that the swans are in the shape of a heart.  The message is that what you look for is what you find.  

If you think everyone is lying to you, you put yourself in a world of liars.  

Look for the best in everyone.  if someone is 10% good, and you search for that 10%, you just put yourself in a 10% better world by finding it.  In my experience if you look for the best in someone, they will try to show you their best.

Look for the best in every situation, and even in apparent crisis you will find opportunity and success.  

On the back are the words "LOVE IS EVERYWHERE"

Shown in sterling silver with approx. 15 pts G-VS diamonds.  


Gold or gold plate also available.