Delicate Star, Diamond & Akoya Pearl necklace in 14K Gold

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This delicate and unique necklace is designed to enhance the beauty of women and girls, rather than yell and overpower.  It whispers beauty, and when we whisper, people listen harder.  A bit of mystery draws people in towards you as the single diamond gives the wearer a subtle sparkle.  

Pearls, a beautiful gift from the sea, are the only gem which comes from living creatures.  Pearls make everything look more elegant, and this is a fresh new take on them.  

We are connected under the same sky with inspirational awe.  What is ignited in your imagination when you look up at the stars?

For me, stars remind me if my brother asking why, despite falling so many times, I didn't just 'play it safe' in life.  I never really had an answer, until I read this quote from Michelangelo:

"The greater danger for most is not setting our sights too high and falling short, but setting our sights too low and achieving our mark"

The Stars Collection is my reminder to always reach for the stars. What does it mean to you?  Use these to share your message, dreams, goals, ideas, etc, in support yourself and those in your life. 

Delicate Star Pearl Diamond necklace in 18K gold 
Delicate Star Pearl Diamond necklace in 14K gold
Delicate Star Pearl Diamond necklace in Sterling Silver

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