Fabulously Fun Petal Pearl Flower Ring: Chinese Freshwater Pearls, Sterling Silver

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Fabulously Fun Petal Pearl Flower Ring!   These are not my creations, but I can give my friend who did create them the highest compliment: I wish I had designed these!  She is no longer in the jewelry business, so when they are gone, they are gone: I can't make more.  Don't miss them - they are just too wonderful to miss!

These are available in peach and bronze- Just let me know which you want.  We also have a more sparkly version with a CZ center crescent shape - as is these actually need to be any more eye-catching.  

The flower is about 1.25" in each direction: quite a fresh, fun, and whimsical statement piece!

Good news: we just found the matching necklaces!  Also available in peach and bronze with a pearl in the center.

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