Pearls for Little Girls- Teddy Bear Pendant on Chinese Freshwater Pearls

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Peach button pearls from China with Teddy Bear from Barcelona.

My 9 year old niece was upset when she saw me giving my 5 year old niece a Teddy Bear necklace. I explained that I had assumed she was too old for teddy bears. She corrected me explaining that Teddy Bears solve all the problems of the world. Silly me.

The pendants are from Barcelona. Available are Puppiesteddy bearsflowers, and hearts.  I set them on freshwater pearls from China. 

What else can we ask for little girls? Puppies and peace, Teddy bears, love and flowers. All available in the "Pearls for Little Girls" collection. 

Let me know which pendant you want, on what color pearls, and if you want the silver or gold colors.  Right now I have peach button pearls, and white rice pearls. If you want something different I can try to find it for you.

Check Back for more.  If you want something extra, maybe Puppy earrings, or an extender chain, just let me know.