Fireworks-7 Earrings. 14K Gold with Diamonds - Asymmetric Version: Celebrate!

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The Fireworks Collection- because life is a celebration.  Perfect for the celebrations of your life, especially for celebrating every day.  These are still my favorite go-to earrings.  I hope you love them as much as I love wearing mine. I love wearing the asymmetric version, but the others look better on small ear lobes, or just if you prefer smaller more delicate earrings.

NOTE: These come in two versions, one with the diamonds closer set, and one more asymmetrical.  Please let me know which you prefer.

Fireworks-7 earrings.  7 diamonds in each ear, totaling 35 pts, G-VS full cut bezel set diamonds.

Perfect for every day or dressy.  This replaces a stud earrings, and looks far more interesting.  These also look great with all sorts of detachable drops, from the coordinating Starburst, to pearls, gemstones and more.

Fireworks-7, 35 pts G-VS full cut, bezel set diamonds.

18K gold with diamonds
14K gold with diamonds
Sterling silver with diamonds, rhodium or gold plate

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