Grapes Drop Earrings- 2 parts-Detachable Stud. 18K Gold with diamonds

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Grape Earrings separate into two parts: inter-changeable is fun, right?  You can wear each part together, separate, and in different ways. The top part, the stud, looks great alone, or can have infinite variations of drops. If you want to color coordinate the Grapes drop, you can use a color gemstone stud at the top.

Grapes and wine have always represented joy, bonding, the good life, altruism, abundance, the literal taste of luxury, and even Jesus. There was a reason Jesus turned water into wine for the people. And we do like our wine, don't we?  Grapes: the good life. 

Even the way grapes grow contributes to the fruit's symbolic meaning: The grapevine, with its far-reaching tendrils that connect various, far away points, along with bunches of grapes, are wonderful metaphors for a loving society, reaching out, and connectivity. Of course, all that unity is also one of the lovely effects of wine. 

The Latin phrase ‘sub rosa” (under the rose) represents secrecy and discretion. In ancient Rome as far back as 800 BCE the rose became the symbol of confidentiality. Roses decorated the ceilings of Roman dining rooms to remind guests that what was said there under the influence of wine (sub vino) was also sub rosa, under the rose.  In other words - - - shhhhh - - - we can all just relax, talk, and share: life is good with wine! 

The Grapes have incredible detail with an abundance of individually set diamonds giving a feeling of luxury and understated elegance. Check the graphics for the entire Grapes Collection of various earrings, necklaces, and a ring. Although a bracelet does not now exist, if you want one, just let me know and it can be custom made for you.

Grapes earrings in 18K  and 14K approximately 2.3 carats, 78 G-VS bezel set diamonds
Grapes earrings in sterling silver have approximately 1 carat  scattered G-VS bezel set diamonds
These can be made in any metal and stone combination to perfectly fit your budget and taste.

There is more in the Grapes Jewelry Collection, including necklaces, grape tipped lariats, a ring, and several versions of Grapes Earrings. You will find earrings just like this but on a chain without the stud at the top. There is also a flatter, lighter version, and huggie grapes earrings. Check the memes for other variations of grapes jewelry: elegant, modern, fresh, and timeless.

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Anything and everything can be customized so it's perfect for you.  Let's talk!