14K Face, Diamond Eyes on rainbow blackish & golden coin pearl necklace : small

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18K face with diamond eyes on rainbow blackish and golden coin pearls necklace.  14K clasp "Someone to Watch Over Me" - because don't we all need that, even if it's a reminder for us to watch over ourselves?  


The inscrutable faces seem to speak so differently to different people.  I have heard it called the sun, moon, Aztec good luck symbol, a goddess, and more.  One girl stared and stared, and finally looked up saying that it looked just like her.  Write your own narrative - and/or allow those in your life their own interpretations.  


Pearls are an elegant gift from the sea, the only gem which comes from a living creature.  Pearls seem to add a quiet elegance to anything, regardless of whether the pearls are funky of chic.  The coin pearls adds a unique combination of natural and hand-made art.  Tiny full cut diamond eyes makes the eyes twinkle.

For now, I list these as the Sun/Moon Collection, because doesn't the sun and moon kind of watch over us, too?
You might want to pair these with jewelry from The Stars Collection for a look which is in harmony both physically and spiritually.


What is your story of the face, or of watching over, either being cared for or caring for something/ someone else? 

Take this one home, or tell me about your favorite colors, or an outfit you want to match for customization.  


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