Fireworks on a Day Sky Scarf: Celebrate Life

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Fireworks: Life is a Celebration.  Fireworks on a day sky.  The Superstar pendant in 18K gold and diamonds, from the Fireworks Collection.  We celebrate with fireworks, but why not wear these as a reminder to celebrate every day.  Life is fleeting and precious, yet sometimes we get so much trying to get through our days, that we forget to celebrate our blessings, our loved ones, even ourselves.  Wear this touchstone as reminder that life is a celebration, so let's celebrate now.

You can also find tank tops to match the scarves, and both in different patterns and colors. Click here to view the collection.

Each one of these is made to order, so can be made in different sizes (see attached chart) and even in different colors.   

16" x 72" 
Everything is made to order, so other sizes are available, as is customization.