Fleur De Lis Ring-Sterling Silver and Diamonds

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The Fleur de Lis dates back to ancient Egypt (of course, with a different name) and has always been steeped in mystery.  It has always been associated with power, enlightenment and good luck.  Louis the X was about to lose France in a battle.  He put the ancient power and luck symbol on his shield and to everyone's shock, saved France.  He declared the symbol to represent France, and for a long time French nobility.

Price quoted is for Sterling, 18K fleur de lis and three diamonds in the center of the FDL- approximaely 7.5 pts G-VS diamonds.  We can add diamonds in the dots around the sides. Retail price is $100 per extra diamond- sale price for custom orders $50 per extra diamond.  Just let me know what you like- the rings are made to order so they will suit you perfectly.