Fleur De Lis Ring-Sterling Silver with Diamonds

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The Fleur de Lis Ring, shown here in sterling silver with three diamonds across the center. Approximately 7.5 pts G-VS diamonds.

This can be made in many variations to fit your taste and budget.  For example, we can make all or parts in gold rather than all sterling silver.  We can also add more diamonds, either in every dot, or just some of them.

OPTIONS INCLUDE (But not limited to):

Other variations, such as all gold, platinum, etc. are priced upon request. 

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The Fleur de Lis dates back to ancient Egypt, of course, with a different name- I wonder what it was called back then, but I digress.  It has always been steeped in mystery, and has always been associated with power, enlightenment and good luck.  

Now I was not there, but as the story goes, Louis X or Louis XI was about to lose France in a battle.  The invading army was larger, had more weapons, and were better fed than the starving French army.  He put the ancient power and luck symbol on his shield and to everyone's shock, saved France.  

Louis declared the symbol from then forward to represent France, and for a long time no one other than French nobility was permitted to use it at all.  Now to me, that seems a bit snobby, but that might also be why the fleur de lis also communicates a feeling of elegance.