Custom Design: Heartbeat Arrow with Infinity links- Necklace- 14K gold with diamonds

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There is so much symbolism in this piece that it truly invites you to share your own story through it.  
We have a heartbeat, arrow, infinity and chain.  It can be about the chains that bind your hearts together forever.  
You can add the piercing Cupid part of the story through the arrow.
Other symbolism of the arrow is the irretrievable part- illustrated by how an arrow which, though carefully aimed, once shot, can't be recalled.
And don't forget how the arrow must be pulled back to fly forward as a thought about facing adversity with excitement about the flight to follow.

Custom graphics also available to share your story of this piece, or anything.  

The heartbeat infinity necklace is available in many versions to fit your style and budget: 

18K gold with diamonds
18 K gold 
14K gold with diamonds
14K gold
Sterling silver with diamonds
Sterling silver

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Custom work available if you want matching Heartbeat Arrow jewelry, or anything else for that matter.