Religion- Peace, Love & Monotheistic Religions- 18K and diamonds

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Peace, Love and all the monotheistic religions- all together in this statement of unity,  Can it happen?  Jews, Christians & Muslims, the people of the three mono-thiestic religions, fight together like spoiled jealous cousins, pointing fingers and arguing about which "one god" is the real and correct one god.  It's preposterous, and more important, as the world's dominating religions, it's destroying the world.  Imagine trying to explain the world if you could not mention religion. Explain the fighting between Israel and Palestein without mentioning Jews and Muslims.  Explain the fighting in the Middle East without mentioning Suni and Shia.  Good people will do good in the world with or without religion, but it seems to me that only in the name of religion can good people do atrocious things to others in the name of their god.  Any time religioon trumps compassion in decision making, we have a problem.  Here I don't just ask why we all can't get along, here, we can wear and advertise unity and oneness.

This is available in any carat gold, a mix of gold and silver, or all sterling.  There are tiny diamonds in the side of the circles, and in the dots of diamonds on the karma chain.  This will be made to order, so please let me know how you would like me to arrange the pieces., 212-688-8600.   Together let's show the world what can be.