Custom Design: Illusion Piercing Arrow Ring-18K gold & diamonds

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 This Arrow Ring gives the illusion that it is piercing through the finger.  Just a little bit of elegant silliness.  Do those thing go together?

For the arrow to fly forward, it must first be pulled back.  Set back, or set for success?  Take the challenges with ease and joy.
Another thing to remember is that we can carefully aim, but once shot the arrow can't be recalled, as words can't be unsaid and actions undone.

Available in 14K gold with diamonds or  without diamonds in 18K gold14K gold, or sterling silver.  
The ring has not yet been made in Sterling and diamonds- if that's what you want, let me know and I can price it for you.
Also enjoy piercing arrow earrings in 18K gold14K gold or sterling silver.

Of course, let me know what color you want.   Let's work together to fit your taste and budget. or 212-688-8600.