Custom Design: Justin and Kevin: Wear Your Anxiety, Be Who You Are- Logo Ring

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From the Anxiety philosophy of just being yourself, wearing your heart on your sleeve, to the Anxiety logo, to the Anxiety ring, this one took a journey.  

Rather than tell their story, this is from the web site:

The Anxiety Boys.

We all have anxiety whether you are conscious of it or not. Some cases worse than others. In this case, we have two guys with an everyday struggle with anxiety and a dream to enter the world of fashion. This is how founders Justin Lopipero and Kevin Barry, two best friends out of the heart of New York, teamed up and created a brand that encourages people to embrace their anxiety. At some point we are all overwhelmed by the feeling. In life we have a choice to make; either let your anxiety consume you or embody it. This upscale streetwear brand gives you the luxury of wearing it on your sleeve.

New York, being one of the fashion capitals of the world, shaped these two founders into the hungry, unique fashion designers they have become today. Anxiety brings you to the forefront of streetwear with their high quality garments and intuitive fits. From throwing local keg parties, setting their houses up like a store and selling out immediately to being invited to do events at high end venues in the boroughs of New York.

Limited quantities available.  Only $45.00!  Don't wait!

Silver and gold versions made to order, with permission of the Anxiety Boys.

Do you have an idea, a logo, a message that you would like to turn into jewelry for branding, gifts, fundraising and/or sales?  Contact me!