Jumbo Baroque Chinese Freshwater Grey Black Pearl Earrings-One of a kind-006

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Throw-away Elegance and a Little Bit of WOW!!!

These are very cool earrings, whose quirky elegance celebrates the uniqueness of every one of us, a reminder to celebrate our own beautiful selves.  Yay- Quirky 

Giant unusual shaped Freshwater pearl earrings.  Each oddly exquisite pearl is unique, so imagine the challenge of finding two unique shapes which are still in harmony with each other.  The first thing I did when I found these crazy jumbo pearls is pull apart all the strands, spread them out, and sit handling them to find those which work with one another in shape and size.

Necklaces to coordinate also available.
There are several available, and I can change the top for you.  So let me know if you prefer a lever, hook, stud, interchangeable, etc. so we can be certain it's perfect for you. Hey- there are certainly benefits from buying directly from the artist.  I love customizing for you.